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Tempted to Multi-Task During a Mediation or Meeting? Think Again.

New research suggests that what you type can be deconstructed by analyzing the movement of your shoulders. Not convinced? Read this Fast Company article to learn more.

Have You Left a Great Job Because of Your Manager?

Have you left a great job because of a difficult manager?  Have you stayed in a job you did not like because of a great manager?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on for some insight as to why

The Power of Gratitude

This holiday season, we are reminded of the power of gratitude in all that we do, especially in the workplace. We wish all of our clients, colleagues, co-workers, friends and families a holiday filled with gratitude and success.

4 Minutes to Better Communication at Work

Do you ever wonder why your colleagues don’t understand what you are saying?  Do you wish you could communicate more effectively at work?  This article contains 6 practical tips for improving communication in the workplace.    Give it a try!