Mediators for Divorce, Property Division, and Other Matters

We Help Families in Transition or in Conflict

We help individuals and families in transition looking to make decisions and minimize court involvement.  Whether the conflict involves divorce, finances, parenting, caring for a dependent family member, dividing estate assets, or transitioning the family business, we work with those involved to resolve their conflict.  Our goal is to assist parties to identify the best options for all involved and choose how to put those solutions into action.

We Help Family Members Become Part of the Solution

No one wants to have a solution dictated to them involving their personal matters, especially by outsiders, which is necessarily the case in matters involving judges or juries.

As trained mediators, we help families in conflict work together to create  effective solutions and outcomes, instead of having outcomes determined by a court.  Our processes can help families save thousands of dollars in legal costs and significant emotional turmoil.

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