Family Law Mediation for Families Going Through Divorce

At Hess Gehris Solutions, we understand the complexities and challenges that accompany family transitions. We also recognize the benefits to families who are able to resolve their disputes outside the litigation process. Mediation offers families the opportunity to experience a fair and neutral process that:

  • is flexible
  • saves time and money
  • engages the parties as problem solvers
  • is less stressful than litigation
  • fosters cooperation
  • enhances communication
  • leads to effective and workable settlements
  • allows for unique remedies that address the particular interests and needs of the parties
Family Law Mediation for Families Going Through Divorce

In cases involving divorce and parenting issues, we provide a safe, fair, and respectful environment in which you can reach an agreement acceptable to each of you and, if applicable, in the best interest of your children. [note, I took this language from Deb’s website] We will work with you to maximize the preservation of important relationships, minimize future conflict, and explore solutions that work for your family. porate world is counter-productive. Small disputes can blow up into large conflicts, employee turmoil, and worse. Conflict can ruin careers, adversely impact the quality of services delivered, and hurt the bottom line.

We help HR and management develop, implement, and manage conflict resolution programs.