What to Expect at a Hess Gehris Mediation

A mediation session is an opportunity for all sides to a dispute to work together to see if the case can be resolved.  Sometimes people come to a mediation before litigation has been started and sometimes a lawsuit has already been filed and the court has required the parties to get together.

The mediators at Hess Gehris Solution have specialized training and are not involved in the actual dispute.

When the parties come to mediation they can expect to  spend some time together going over the history and background of the dispute so that each person can hear directly the points of view or perspectives of the others involved.

We handle each case  on an individual basis.  Sometimes the parties will stay together as they try to work toward a mutually acceptable resolution.  Many times the parties spend time apart so the mediator can explore with them the options available and the risks of not resolving their dispute outside the court system.

The parties to a mediation hold the power to decide whether it is in their best interest to resolve a dispute and how to do it.  There is no one right way to evaluate this decision.  Hess Gehris mediators respect that the decision of how to resolve a dispute belongs to the individuals involved and not the mediator.

Hess Gehris Solutions is located at 95 North State Street in Concord, New Hampshire.  We have comfortable conference room seating as well as outdoor gardens where people can take a break.  We also serve coffee, tea and snacks.  For more information, please contact us at (603) 225-0477.  We look forward to working with you!