Questions and Answers about Online Mediation

Are you wondering whether online mediation is right for you and your clients?  Below we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you get a better sense of whether mediating your case online is the right fit.

Can parties caucus with the mediator online?

Yes, the tool we use at Hess Gehris for online mediation allows us to caucus with parties individually, and with different groups.

Can we have multiple breakout rooms?

Yes, the platform we use allows for as many as 50 breakout rooms.

Can we share documents during an online mediation?

You sure can.  It is simple to share and create documents during our process, in real time, without having to go back and forth via email.

Are the parties bound by the rules of confidentiality, as they are in a traditional mediation?

Yes, the rules regarding confidentiality apply to online mediation as well.

Can the parties see and hear each other? 

Yes, when we are in joint session, parties can see and hear each other.

How do we know who is participating in online mediation if they are not in the same place?

As part of the agreement to mediate, we require all the people involved be identified and that each of them agrees not to record any part of the session. We rely on parties to participate fully and be honest, just like in traditional mediation.

Will we be required to sign an Agreement to Mediate?

Yes, as with all mediations at Hess Gehris Solutions, you will be asked to sign and submit the Agreement to Mediate before or at the beginning of the session.

Can we consult with our lawyer privately?

Absolutely.  The tool we use allows for parties and counsel to consult online without the mediator.

Do we need any software or a computer to participate?

No.  You need an electronic device with internet access, and sound capability and a camera.  A smartphone, pad or computer will work.