Experience a Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ (PNDC) Intensive

Transforming Potential into Reality

Experience a Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ (PNDC) Intensive
With Sharon Strand Ellison, author of Taking the War Out of Our Words, &
Co-author with Ami Atkinson Combs of Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting

Changing the Microcosm Changes the Macrocosm
~ One conversation at time ~
1. Learn to Defuse Defensiveness Quickly
2. Practice the Disarming Power of Questions
3. Speak with Clarity, Honesty, and Compassion
4. Set Boundaries that Inspire Competence and Reciprocity
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MAY 23 – 25, 2019: OAKVILLE (Near Toronto), ONTARIO
Each can be taken as a stand-alone or all together as a series