2016 Happenings

We now have a presence in the Upper Valley (Norwich, VT) with the addition of Lauren Girard Adams to our team.  Lauren is available to work in all of New Hampshire and Vermont.  To learn more about Lauren Click Here.

Did you know that in addition to traditional mediations in the litigation setting we also help transform conflict into choice in other settings?

We work with individuals and organizations to have productive conversations :

  • In the work place between individuals and groups (want to be a better functioning organization and maximize productivity?)
  • Between family members (and it doesn’t have to be conflict, it can be forward thinking planning)
  • In the community (looking for creative solutions to unique problems?)
  • Between neighbors (need to find a way to live together when a difficult situation arises?)

Call or email us for a free consultation to explore ways that we can help you or your clients transform a challenging situation into a creative opportunity.