Wary of Technology? We Can Help You!

Read on for some thoughts from our colleague, Greg Eaton.

Like many lawyers of a certain vintage, I’ve always been a bit wary of technology. When I started practicing 26 years ago, smartphones, paperless files, and the cloud didn’t exist. While I ultimately embraced new technologies, there was often a steep learning curve associated with each innovation.

Cut to March of 2020 and the advent of online mediations in the age of Covid-19, using the Zoom platform. When I first began working with and training on Zoom, my first thought was “this is going to take a while to learn.” I was pleasantly surprised to discover, however, just how user friendly Zoom really is, even for a lawyer who began practicing last century.

For lawyers and parties, participating in a Zoom mediation is simple; you only need an internet connection and the Zoom app. The controls, such as the mute, help, and chat buttons, are clear and self-explanatory. Video and audio quality are excellent. Hosting a Zoom meeting or mediation is similarly straightforward.

The host can put the parties in separate, private breakout rooms just like an in person mediation. After training on how to use Zoom specifically for mediations, I can navigate Zoom with ease and confidence. Rather than being wary of this technology, I actually look forward to using Zoom for mediations, meetings, or even for chatting with friends and family.

Whether you have been practicing for five years or fifty, you will find online mediation effective, convenient, and easy. Covid-19 has shut down the courts and curtailed many of our traditional work activities, but with Zoom, you can continue to mediate and resolve your cases.

Still not convinced? Let one of our experienced mediators walk you through the Zoom basics so you can get started. Email [email protected] to schedule your free consult and mention this blog post.