Deborah Kane Rein

Deborah has been working with individuals, children and families since she graduated from law school in 1977, helping them navigate the legal system to achieve a fair result. From 1988-2011 she served as a Marital Master for the NH Judicial Branch, sitting in every county in the State, first in the Superior Court and then as the presiding Marital Master in Concord Family Division. In that capacity she decided thousands of cases involving divorce, parenting rights and responsibilities, support, paternity, domestic violence and other family law matters. In addition, Deborah taught at the UNH School of Law from 1984-1988 serving as the founder, director and faculty of the Guardian Ad Litem Clinic.Since leaving the bench in 2011, Deborah has had an active private mediation practice, focusing on couples who are going through the difficult process of dissolving their relationship, who need help in developing parenting plans that benefit their children, or who are seeking assistance in resolving other family law issues.

As a result of my almost twenty-five years as a Marital Master in the New Hampshire courts, I know how difficult it is for couples to dissolve their relationships. I also know that the court system is not always the best way to resolve these issues – whether they are financial or parental – because of a couple’s history, complex family dynamics, time and money constraints, or just because of the emotional strain inherent in this process. I offer my services as an alternative way to resolve your dispute, to allow you to move on with your lives with purpose and dignity.

In our sessions, I will provide a safe, fair, and respectful environment in which you can reach an agreement acceptable to each of you and, if applicable, in the best interests of your children. My experience on the bench will be helpful, not just because I may be able to guide you toward a realistic result, but also because I have an understanding of the difficulties and uncertainties you face during the time that your relationship is ending. In every case you will have an opportunity to fully explain your positions in a calm and respectful environment, during which I promise to listen carefully and really hear your concerns. You will come out of the process feeling as though you have been heard and that you have been treated with respect and dignity.



  • J.D., UNH School of Law (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
  • A.B., Smith College

Professional Career

  • Hess Gehris Solutions
  • Mediator, Rein Mediation
  • Marital Master, New Hampshire Judicial Branch
  • Director/Faculty, Guardian ad Litem Clinical Program, Franklin Pierce Law Center (UNH School of Law)
  • Staff Attorney, New Hampshire Legal Assistance
  • Staff Attorney, Legal Services of Middle Tennessee


  • Co-Chair, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Legal Assistance and Legal Advice and Referral Center
  • Winner of the 2010 NH Women's Bar Association Marilla M. Ricker Achievement Award
  • State of NH Family Mediation Certification Board
  • NH Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission
  • NH/Vologada Partnership /Committee
  • Russian/American Rule of Law Consortium
  • NH Children's Trust Fund, past President
  • NH Task Force Against Child Abuse and Neglect, past President
  • Compromising the Best Interests of New Hampshire’s Children: The Failure to Fund Guardians ad Litem for Children Living in Poverty by Rein, Dickinson, Silverman: NH Bar Journal, Summer 2010
  • New Hampshire Bar News, Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Flexible Approach to ADR Assists Families in Transition
  • New Hampshire Bar News, Family Law: Exploring Underused ADR Options for Families in Transition
  • New Hampshire Bar News (with Frank Kenison),  Facilitating Difficult Family Discussions in Family and Probate Law