Watching the Eagles

If you have been to our office, you have probably heard us talk about the bald eagles.  Perhaps you have even seen them.  Our winter pair of eagles are back, a full-grown male and female.

This week, I have been watching them each day.  The pair have been behaving strangely though.  At least twice a day, they fly in tandem, diving and chasing each other.  First the male leads, and then the female.  They glide along on currents, never more than a few inches from each other.  I’m in awe of their huge wingspan and how their feathers flutter ever-so-slightly as they ride the air currents.  When they glide side by side the female’s underside is visible, all white with brown spots.  She may not be as recognizable as her bald-headed partner, but she is gorgeous!

Yesterday, we figured out what they have been doing – the flight patterns and games of “tag” are part of the eagle mating rituals.  You can see a different pair at this link –

We’ve found another reason for you to join us on the river – the chance to see the bald eagle mating ritual!  New Hampshire is a wonderful place!