Mediation Training in Concord, NH

Whether you are an experienced mediator interested in further honing your skills as a neutral, or a beginner looking to gain fundamental mediation skills, this training is for you! Participants in our fall 2017 mediator training sessions will explore the mediation process, augment their present practice and enhance their mediation skills. Who should sign up for this mediation training? Attorneys, managers, human resource professionals, educators, and individuals who want to incorporate mediation into their professional and/or personal life. Our small class size (12) provides opportunities for each individual to learn and grow.

The 40-Hour Mediation Training at Hess Gehris Solutions will take place on:

September 27, 4pm – 8pm
September 28, 8am – 5pm
September 29, 8am – 5pm
October 18, 4pm – 8pm
October 19, 8am – 5pm
October 20, 8am – 5pm

Register now and save $250! For more information, please contact Raelynn at (603) 225-0477 or

Click Here for more information on the training and to obtain a copy of the registration form.