It depends on where you stand

Accretion or erosion? … it depends on where you are standing,

This weekend I had a chance to visit Wasque Point on Chappaquiddick Island.This area is undergoing tremendous change due to tides and weather since the ocean caused a breach separating South Beach in Edgartown from Chappaquiddick in 2007. (see

Standing on the Chappaquiddick side you see erosion and terrible loss of beach and island property. On the Edgartown side it is a story of a growing beach; very different stories depending on your frame of reference. Is the breach growing? From Chappaqudick the answer would likely be yes, even though the objective amount of open water might be narrowing. In fact the rapid change is likely to lead to the beaches being rejoined in the near future.

Sometimes it is hard to see where things are headed when we look only from our own vantage point. Here at Hess Gehris we try to help participants in a conflict see the bigger picture and find solutions to problems that may not be obvious.